SABO is a contemporary women’s clothing line

Playful :: Unique :: Stylish :: Smart




Hi, I’m Sabrina Liao, the creative force behind SABO. (More about me later!) 

While my friends and family sometimes call me “Sab”, the name SABO is 

actually an acronym for "Simple, Anything But Ordinary".


Design Philosophy


The creative concept behind the line starts with the familiar basics we all have 

and love, but incorporate fun and quirky elements that allow for comfort, style 

and effortless versatility. I design and curate each collection with the goal to 

free your personal spirit and inspire individual character and confidence.


All pieces start at the drawing board, get drafted into patterns and are 

hand-cut and sewn in small quantities. (Yep, this means each design is limited 

edition.) Everything is then packaged with personal attention and care 

before it’s delivered to my lovely customers.


[LOVE SABO because I do. = )]


Contact Me


Email me at if you’d like to:


- Ask a question

- Provide feedback

- Just say "Hi!" 


Or please visit our Facebook page for the latest updates.


About Sabrina Liao


I have a degree in Fashion Design from the Sunny Coast of La-La Land and have 

been peddling my skills here and there since I graduated in 2005. I’ve worked 

in-house with local designers, freelanced as a patternmaker and sold my designs 

to manufacturers…all while dreaming of creating my own line.


The concept for SABO first came about in 2008 and was officially launched 

a year later.  Since then, it’s been an exciting journey sharing my creativity with 

the world. Thank you for visiting my store! I hope you like the designs and 

enjoy the experience.